What is Choke Manifold?


Choke manifold is special valve assembly consisting at least of two chokes and several valves designed to control flow of the well stream. Design of choke manifold differs depending on the oilfield requirements.

Typical choke manifold types are:

• 4-Valve Diamond Pattern Choke Manifold

• 4-Valve Standard Composite Choke Manifold

• 5-Valve Standard Composite Choke Manifold

• Choke Manifold with two positive (bean) chokes

• Choke Manifold with two adjustable chokes

• Choke Manifold with combined types of chokes

• 9-valve choke manifold

• 8-valve choke manifold

• Integrated choke and kill manifold skid

• Plug choke manifold

• Hydraulic choke manifold

• Onshore Skid choke manifold

• Onshore Skid choke manifold

• Debris Catcher Choke Manifold 

Pressure rating:

• 3000 psi

• 5000 psi

• 10000 psi

• 15000 psi 

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