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    Readiness for Challenges

    Oil & gas explorations are conduced all around world, from the hottest regions to the coldest. Some of the oil reservoirs consists high volume of acid substances, such as hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide, which requires very reliable and tested materials for equipment. REIN is ready to process your requirements and provide the best solution for your effective and safe operation.

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    Fast Delivery

    Each day in oilfields is measured by either big losses or revenues for the operation companies. That is why, it is important to receive the flow-control and production equipment on time. REIN is always at your service when you give us a first call. In fact, REIN keeps much of the standard equipment in stock to ship/deliver the equipment immediately.

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    There is always a psychological battle between the sellers and buyer. The buyer wishes to purchase at the lowest price, while the seller wishes to sell at the highest price. REIN always keep the balance and provides the most affordable and competitive prices for the clients, meeting their budget expectation.

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    Professional Approach

    REIN consists of experienced and qualified team of oil and gas industry. We serve the client all over the world, who has different equipment requirements, different application type (onshore or offshore), different standards and certifications. But some of the principles are the universal, like safety and operability. REIN follows the two main principles and provides the equipment suitable for your application, standard and certification requirements.

About Rein Wellhead Equipment

Rein Wellhead Equipment (REIN WE) is an engineering and manufacturing company based in Suzhou, China. REIN WE designs, fabricates, and supplies wide variety of equipment, such as wellhead assembly, Christmas tree, blowout preventers, choke manifolds, kill manifolds, wellhead desander, plug catchers, high-pressure API 6A valves, emergency shutdown valves and ESD system, high-pressure pipe & fittings.

Our team consists of experienced and qualified personnel who are ready to provide immediate support and customed solutions. Our raw material is fabricated in certified mills, which has all necessary qualifications and experience to provide high-quality raw materials. Our QC & QA specialists ensure that arriving materials comply with regulatory standards. Engineering team provides creative solutions and professional design based on the market standard and the requirements of individual client.

Rein Wellhead Equipment also designs and supplies complete systems for flow back operations and surface well testing which can be mounted in special mobile containers or trailers for convenient and safe operation.

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/imgs/news/dual pot sand filter (de-sander) _REIN.png What is dual pot sand filter (de-sander) and how it works?

Dual Pot Sand Filter is designed to remove small solids and sands coming with well stream. Dual Pot Sand Filter (Dual Pot De-sander) is widely used during flowback, well testing and early production. 

/imgs/news/H2S Scavengers and Gas Sweetening Units_Rein.png Rein supplies quality H2S Scavengers and Gas Sweetening Units for wellsite installation

Rein designs and supplies Solid Bed Scavengers for efficient hydrogen sulfide removal from natural gas for domestic natural gas processing company. Highly efficient h2s adsorbents allow operator to remove H2S from natural gas stream, lowering H2S amount below 2 ppm.

/imgs/news/H2S removal from natural gas_Rein.jpg Rein Process Equipment offers cost-effective solutions for H2S removal from natural gas by Iron Sponge Process

Rein Process Equipment, the division of REIN, focuses of design, fabrication and supplying natural gas treatment system, such as gas sweetening units, gas dehydration system, NGL units, as well as other solutions for natural gas production and processing. 

/imgs/news/Surface_Shutdown_Valve (SSV)_Rein.png Flowline Surface Shutdown Valve (SSV) for natural gas production

Rein Wellhead Equipment designs and supplies several sets of Surface Shutdown Valve (SSV) or Emergency Shutdown Valve for domestic project in Inner Mongolia.

/imgs/news/Flowback equipment, cyclone wellhead desander, choke manifolds_副本1.jpg Flowback equipment, cyclone wellhead desander, choke manifolds and other API 6A equipment for sale

Rein Wellhead Equipment is a flowback and wellhead equipment manufacturer and supplier from China. Our products are widely used in natural gas development and production fields.

/imgs/news/oilfield Christmas trees, water bath heaters and productiontest separators_Rein_Wellhead.jpg Rein provides commissioning and quality inspection services for supplied oilfield Christmas trees, water bath heaters and production/test separators

Recently, Rein supplies several sets of Christmas trees, wellhead assemblies and special heating and separation unit to Yan’an oilfield in China. 

Our oil & gas Christmas tree is designed to handle 10K pressure rating and designed to handle sour service application. Then, by flowline equipment natural gas is delivered to water bath heater (indirect line heater), where pressure is reduced by installed choke valve in heating coils, then natural gas is delivered to three phase separator where separation occurs.


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