Rein provides commissioning and quality inspection services for supplied oilfield Christmas trees, water bath heaters and production/test separators

23 / 07 / 2020 By Admin 1597 Views
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Recently, Rein supplies several sets of Christmas trees, wellhead assemblies and special heating and separation unit to Yan’an oilfield in China. 

Our oil & gas Christmas tree is designed to handle 10K pressure rating and designed to handle sour service application. Then, by flowline equipment natural gas is delivered to water bath heater (indirect line heater), where pressure is reduced by installed choke valve in heating coils, then natural gas is delivered to three phase separator where separation occurs. Then natural gas is discharged to compressors which carry natural gas to nearest gas processing facility. 

Specialists of Rein recently visited oilfield to provide commissioning works for the client who recently purchase several sets of oil & gas production equipment and wellhead assemblies. Rein is looking forward to develop and expand cooperation both with domestic and international clients. Feel free to contact us for technical assistance and cost-effective solutions. We ensure high quality of products and services, timely response and fast delivery period. 

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