What is dual pot sand filter (de-sander) and how it works?

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Dual Pot Sand Filter is designed to remove small solids and sands coming with well stream. Dual Pot Sand Filter (Dual Pot De-sander) is widely used during flowback, well testing and early production. Dual Pot Sand Filters are one of the most essential oilfield equipment which protects downstream equipment and their components from damage cased by sands and other well stream solids. Dual Pot Sand Filter consists of two pots (vertical vessel), filter insets designed to handle specific range of particles, from 100 up to 800 microns. Mainstream piping accommodate slab gate valves, pressure and differential pressure gauges, nozzles and system for water jetting, hammer unions for convenient connecting piping, special steel structure for easy transportation, operation and cleaning filter inserts.  

Dual Pot Sand Filter usually designed for high pressure application, from 5000 psi up to 15000 psi. Dual pot desander handles both high flowrate of gas up to 100 MMSCFD, and liquid up to 10000 bpd. Construction materials of desander vessel is manufactured from carbon steel, while insert shall be stainless steel or special enforced alloy. Slab gate valves shall comply with API 6A, construction material is DD or EE as per API standards. Rein Wellhead Equipment designs and fabricates dual pot sand filters both for onshore and offshore application. We ensure quality performance, durability, cost-effectiveness, and fast delivery. Rein Wellhead Equipment is a manufacturer and supplier of dual pot wellhead desanders. Feel free to contact REIN for more technical information and price concerning dual pot sand filters. Rein also fabricates and supplies wide range of oilfield equipment for well completion, surface well testing, flowback, well clean-up and early production. 

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