Flowline Surface Shutdown Valve (SSV) for natural gas production

13 / 08 / 2020 By Admin 1659 Views
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Rein Wellhead Equipment designs and supplies several sets of Surface Shutdown Valve (SSV) or Emergency Shutdown Valve for domestic project in Inner Mongolia. 

Surface Safety Valve is a special fail-safe shutdown valve which consists of valve body, hydraulic actuator, union and flanged connections. SSV is connected to WHCP or ESD control panel to be remotely activated in case of emergency. Rein also designs and supplied self-containing emergency shutdown system, where SSV’s ESD system is located on the valve and actuated by high pressure switch in case of high pressure occurs. Feel free to contact Rein for technical assistance and for SSV. Rein Wellhead Equipment is China-based engineering and manufacturing company of high-pressure valves, wellhead and oilfield x-mas assemblies. We also provide high-pressure hydraulic systems, such as ESD Control Panel, WHCP, Choke Control panale, etc. 

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