Flowback equipment, cyclone wellhead desander, choke manifolds and other API 6A equipment for sale

06 / 08 / 2020 By Admin 1527 Views
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Rein Wellhead Equipment is a flowback and wellhead equipment manufacturer and supplier from China. Our products are widely used in natural gas development and production fields. Rein offers wide range of products, such as plug catchers (debris / junk catchers), choke manifolds, kill manifolds, cyclone wellhead desanders, sand traps (sand catchers), flowline equipment (HP plug valves, HP slab gate valves, HP check valves, integral pup joints, swivel joints, hammer unions), and other flowback and drilling equipment. 

Rein ensures strict compliance with API standards, precise machine, proper quality control and quality acceptance, applies quality brand coating and export sea-worthy package. Feel free to contact Rein for more technical information and price concerning flowback equipment, surface well test equipment, flowline equipment, and other oilfield machinery. We ensure high quality, fast delivery, and cost-effectiveness. 

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