Spacer Spools

Spacer spools, designed and manufactured in accordance with API 6A, have end connectors of the same size, rated working pressure. Spacer Spools are the parts which are often used in the oilfield for wellhead extension, choke and kill manifold, etc.

REIN’s customizable spacer spools allow customers to design their ideal spacer spools for reliable and consistent performance on their production system.


Adapter Spool

Adapter spool is the part which is often used in the oilfield, adapter spool is designed and manufactured in accordance with API 6A standard, the material is AISI 4130 or 410SS as per customer's requirement, adapter Spools usually have the different nominal end connections. REIN Adapter spools have all sizes and pressure ratings used for oilfield applications.



1. Flanged, studded, and hubbed ends available, in any combination

2. Manufactured for any combination of size and pressure ratings

3. Spacer & Adapter Spools designed to minimize length while allowing sufficient clearance for wrenches or clamps, unless otherwise specified by the customer

4. The standard design for spacer & adapter spools does not include outlets, although outlets can be added as specified

5. Available for general service and sour service in compliance with any temperature rating and material requirements specified in API specification 6A

6. Available with Stainless Steel 316L or Inconel 625 corrosion resistant alloy ring grooves

7. Tap-end studs and nuts are normally provided with studded end connections



Working pressure

2000 PSI ~ 20000 PSI

Working temperature


Working medium

oil, natural gas, mud

Material class


Product specification level

PSL 1 ~ PSL 4

Performance requirement

PR 1, PR 2

End connection

API 6A Flange, API 16A Clamp, Union

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