Choke Control Panel

Choke Control Panel

Hydraulic Choke Valve Control Panel is special hydraulic assembly designed to control or adjust hydraulic chokes to required flowrate during drilling operations. Drilling Choke Control Panel shall ensure proper performance as it controls choke valves, especially when kicks occur and kick fluid flows through choke line. Operator uses control panel to adjust the opening of choke, so pressure in the bottom of the hole remains constant. Hydraulic Choke Control Panel has gauges of drilling pipe pressure and casing pressure. By monitoring those gauges, operator shall adjust choke valves to keep pressure constant and keeping the mud pump at a constant speed. Proper adjusting of chokes and keeping the pressure in hole constant, lead to safe control and circulation of kick fluids out of the hole. Fluids enters the mud-gas separator where gas and mud are separated. Gas is flared, while mud flows out to enter tank.   


· Panel material: stainless-steel or mild steel powder coated

· Hydraulic Shear Seal

· Emergency Hand Pump

· Bladder Accumulator

· Gallon Oil Reservoir

· Pressure gauges

· Chokes position gauges

· Hydraulic Accumulator

· Relief Valves

· Pressure regulator

· Designed for zone 1 and zone 2

· Optional DNV and TPI certifications 

Codes & Standards

· API 16C

Open/Close Pressure Rating

· 3000 psi 

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